Wave 3 of Sanctioned Mods now live


We have again taken the highest rated applied mods from the workshop and reviewed them for Sanctioned status. This time we have the largest wave yet with a grand total of 14 new mods for use in the Official Realm! Among them the long-awaited ‘Bot Improvements – Combat’ mod that finally has made all necessary adjustments to be viable for Sanctioning.

Enough with the blathering, time to let the new mods do the talking…
– Robin Hagblom, Fatshark Technical Director

Sanctioned Mods

Wave 3


Info Dump For Streaming

Creator: prop joe
Auto-hides information from the screen while playing a level, making everything crisp and clean.



Creator: NonzeroGeaoduck7
Times the lifespan of monsters and lords and shows it in the chat so you can keep track of how long you’ll have to survive!


Customizable Zoom Sensitivity

Creator: Skwuruhl
Changes the sensitivity to match how much you zoom, making your game more precise.

Blood for the Blood God

Creator: ElCamino
Warhammer: Vermintide 2, now with more blood.


UI Tweaks

Creator:prop joe
This mod will help you edit the way your UI looks. You can reposition, scale and change direction of the different UI elements.


Buff Info

Creator: SkacikPL
This mod will display information about buffs.


Countries in Lobby Browser

Creator: pixaal
This mod shows the country code in front of the host’s name


Friendly Fire Indicator

Creator: nonzeroGeoduck7
Know when you get friendly fire – the color indicator will change to green when a friend fires at you.


Crosshairs Fix

Creator: Skwuruhl
Fixes the crosshairs to actually be representative of your spread.


Host Solo Quick Play Games

Creator: NonzeroGeoduck7
Allows you to host a quick play session even if you are playing solo.

Item Filter

Creator: Gohas
Provides advanced filtering options for your character inventory.

Notice Key Pickup

Creator: NonzeroGeoduck7
A short message will be shown in the chat when someone in your game picks up one of the hidden keys.

Reroll Improvements

Creator: prop joe
Show properties and trait on respective reroll screens and keep the same item slotted after rerolling.


Bot Improvements – Combat

Creator: Grimlackt
A set of various tweaks that empower the fighting capabilities of bots in a fair manner.

Hanna Holmgren