Back to Ubersreik DLC out now


Heroes, it is time to return to where it all began!

Today we are excited to release the second DLC for Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Back to Ubersreik on PC. Upon discovering an Ubersreik Lodestone, Olesya – the resident spy-master and grey wizards – sends you back to an illusion of Ubersreik. Everything appears to be … sort of the same. Fight your way through three remastered levels to uncover the dark truth hidden within the city.

Back to Ubersreik includes:

  • Three remastered levels set in Ubersreik

  • New Quests and Challenges

  • New Weapons and Illusions

The Back to Ubersreik levels cannot be played for free through Quickplay or by joining a game in the lobby browser, unless you own the DLC or join a friend who does.

Patch notes

Our second DLC brings with it version 1.4, update #43. Which includes plenty of bug fixes and tweaks, three new missions and five new weapons for players who own Back to Ubersreik. Our DLC policy for Vermintide 1 is something that we are very proud of. Players who owned a DLC, could invite their friends along for the ride – not everyone in the party had to be owners. We felt that was a fair deal. But for Vermintide 2, when we released our first DLC “Shadows over Bögenhafen”, we received feedback from our players that, because of how Quickplay works, the value proposition of our DLCs wasn’t all that clear. So for this release, we’re changing how access to DLC missions works. From now on, in order to host a Custom game with a DLC mission, or have that mission be selected for Quickplay – you, or another player in your Keep, will have to own that DLC. Where it was previously possible to join a DLC mission through Quickplay, even if you didn’t own that DLC, from today that won’t be the case. You will have to join a friend who owns it.

These changes also affect the missions from the Shadows over Bögenhafen DLC. We’re in the process of making more finely grained options for random mission selection in Quickplay. In the next major update, planned for January, we will present players the option of playing only certain sets of missions – excluding, or including DLC levels.

Patch Hotfix

  • Fixed a crash caused by using Bardin’s Drakefire Pistols.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur at the end of Engines of War.

Patch 1.4


  • Added three new levels, remastered classics from Vermintide 1 – Horn of Magnus, Gardens of Morr, and Engines of War. These have all been brought up to the level of polish and quality of Vermintide 2, and are available to all players who own the Back to Ubersreik DLC.

  • Fixed an issue with the ladder at the start of Hunger in the Dark, which was hard to climb down.

  • Fixed an issue where players could respawn behind a boss wall on Against the Grain, and on Skittergate.

  • Fixed an issue where the farm key on Against the Grain would not be visible for hotjoined clients.

  • Fixed an issue where players could receive fall damage during an elevator ride.

  • The location around the first Grimoire on Righteous Stand has been modified to improve a performance issue. Players could previously reach the Grimoire through a shortcut, but will now have to get to it properly.


  • Each hero receives a new weapon, which is available through Okri’s Challenges, for owners of Back to Übersreik. Kruber receives a Mace and Sword. Bardin gets new Dual Hammers. Kerillian’s been good this year, and get a one-handed Elven Axe. Saltzpyre gets an Axe and Falchion. And Sienna receives a flaming Crowbill. Each of these weapons can be used by all careers of their hero, and each weapon has two additional weapon illusions. These illusions become available by completing specific Okri’s Challenges using that weapon.

  • Fixed an issue on Kerillian’s Edrael’s Will and Dire-Weave bows where their bowstrings were not visible.

  • Tweaked animation timing on Bardin’s War Pick to more closely match its actual swings.

  • Fixed an issue on Bardin’s War Picks where, after a push followup attack, it would ignore attack inputs for a short time.

  • Saltzpyre’s Brace of Pistols has been changed to use a reloading timing. They now have ammunition like most other ranged weapons, and will reload two guns at a time. We’re continuing to tweak this weapon, as we’re not entirely happy with how it performs. So try them out, and don’t be shy to send feedback our way.

  • Fixed an issue where the fast shot mode of Brace of Pistols would get a smaller crosshair after shooting one bullet, or when starting to move.


  • We’ve changed how random missions are selected for Quickplay. Our previous implementation led to some unfortunate situations, such as getting the same mission twice in a row. Our new mission selection algorithm is much more random, but will make sure you will probably not see the same mission come up twice in a row, as recently played mission are heavily discouraged by the algorithm.

  • We’re also changing how DLC missions works in Quickplay. Previously, it was possible to join a DLC mission through Quickplay, even if you didn’t own the DLC for that mission. We’re changing the way this works. From now on, in order to host a Custom game with a DLC mission, or have that mission be selected for Quickplay – you, or another player in your Keep, will have to own that DLC. This change also affects the missions from Shadows over Bögenhafen.

Tweaks & bugfixes

  • The way the game calculates latency between clients and hosts has been changed. Previously, the game displayed latency as the time for network packets to travel between clients and host – it didn’t take into account the performance of the host, or the client. The new latency display will include processing time for both the host and client. This means that an underperforming host will show a larger latency than the “ping” you might be used to from other games.
    As this is can be a contentious issue, we’ve added an option to display latency from the Network Options menu – which includes an explanation of how this metric is calculated. By default, this option is set to Off.

  • Fixed a series of cases which could trigger a flood of network requests which could lead to clients disconnecting. These network optimizations will resolve many issues which could lead to disconnects, but the most notable cases where this could happen was when hordes would spawn, or when players stepped into the Bridge of Shadows at the end of a level.

  • We have taken actions to improve the experience for new players, just starting out playing the game. This specifically targets the Recruit difficulty, where we tweaked enemies and spawning to make it a bit more forgiving. 

  • Fixed an issue where the sounds from bots’ Career Skills being activated could override certain other sounds, leading to issue where for instance enemies would spawn silently.

  • Reduced memory usage by removing redundant mesh data.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Rasknitt casts one of his warp lightning spells.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the cannonball on Fort Brachsenbrücke exploded.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if a player left the game while being revived.

  • Fixed cases where the first person camera sway would remain if the player performed an interaction, or died, while moving.

  • Fixed an issue where Tobii CleanUI did not work.

  • Fixed an issue where if the Scrounger Talent procs for 1 bonus ammo on your last shot, you would be unable to shoot until you swap weapon.

  • Bots with Natural Bond will now only heal themselves if wounded and there is an excess of healing supplies nearby.

  • Fixed an issue where the revive speed buff of Bounty Hunter Saltzpyre was not network synced properly.

  • Pyromancer Sienna’s Career Skill “The Burning Head” is now actually a burning head.

  • Fixed an issue where the heal over time effects, e.g. Natural Bond, would stop working when at 100% health, with temporary health included.

  • Fixed an issue where, if you healed another player with the heal share talent equipped using a first aid kit, the healing player would not benefit from the shared healing.

  • Fixed an issue where using Ranger Veteran Bardin’s Career Skill while being downed could get you stuck with an grenade in your hand after being revived.

  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash if a Packmaster dragged a player with the talent Ellinill’s Venom through a patch of warpfire or troll vomit.


  • Stormfiend’s fire attacks have been tweaked.
    – Added a small movement speed slowdown on ground fire damage.
    – Increased initial damage tick from ground fire. Players should no longer be able to run through the Stormfiend’s flame without taking any damage.
    – Increased the damage that players and enemies take from the ground fire.
    – Increased the duration of the ground flames from 6 seconds to 8 seconds.
    – Decreased the duration of the damage over time effect from the flame thrower from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
    – Decreased damage from flamethrower damage over time by about 50%.

  • Life leeches have been tweaked.

    • Increased the animation speed of the start teleport animation by 20%.

    • Increased the animation speed of the end teleport animation by 10%.

  • Fixed an issue where the target switching animations for Bosses would sometimes be skipped, leading to instant target switching.

  • Shortened the range for Raider’s running attacks and sweep attacks. Down to 2.5 from 3.0 and 2.8 respectively.

  • Fixed an issue where Savages and Plague Monks exited their stagger animation earlier than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where enemies would continue to follow an invisible player.


  • Lohner will now only ask the player to hurry up whilst the Bridge of Shadow is activated.

  • Added character specific “hurry up” voice lines for Lohner.

  • Fixed an issue where the sound from the last ammunition being spent for certain Repeating Handguns would be heard for the host if a bot was equipped with that weapon.

  • Fixed an issue where the “slash-crunch” sound from a headshot with an Executioner Sword did not play.

  • Changed the hit sound for daggers to differentiate them from swords. This affects Dual Wield Daggers, Dual Wield Sword and Dagger, and Daggers (both Kerillians and Siennas).

  • Fixed so that the correct sound plays on clients, when Bosses and Chaos Warriors switch targets.

  • Added a target switch sound to Blueberry Hubbleburgh.

  • Fixed an issue where Plague Monks and running Savages wouldn’t play their sounds.