Patch 2.0.8


Welcome to Patch 2.0.8, bringing you some tweaks and fixes.

With patch 2.0.8 we are fixing some common crashes and sound issues.

Patch Notes

  • Various miscellaneous crash fixes.

  • Various localisation fixes.

  • Okri's Challenges which require you to complete 100 missions on Champion or above now properly (and retroactively) count your Cataclysm missions.

  • We've made some general fixes to backstab sounds.

  • Fixed an issue where Skaven Clanrats where incorrectly configured not to trigger a "backstab" sound when flanking you.

  • Fixed an issue where Storm Vermin with shields would not correctly trigger backstab sounds.

  • Added backstab sounds to combo attacks for Plague Monks and Chaos Berserkers.

  • Added a hit cancel window for 2h axes and 2h elf sword.

  • Bile Trolls should now appear in the kill feed.

  • Sorceror Vortextes and Chaos Spawn grabs no longer disable targeted players in the Bridge of Shadows.

  • Suitable errors should now be provided to players looking to run Weaves whilst Twitch Mode is enabled.

  • Bots should be more decisive when the player drops down a point of no return.

  • Saltzpyre's Billhook no longer has a stamina check despite not consuming stamina.

  • Kerillian's Glaive now triggers a push from pressing attack from behind block instead of on holding attack.

  • Fixed clients removing stealth and no-clip effects too soon, when multiple stealth buffs are active at the same time.


  • Fixed spawners

  • Fixed some gaps in geo

  • Removed white visible prototype volumes

Tuva J