Patch 2.0.10


Welcome to patch 2.0.10, bringing you some tweaks and fixes.

With patch 2.0.10 we are tweaking some sound issues and adding some general fixes.

Patch notes

  • Fixed an issue were the application window might end up on wrong monitor due to negative desktop coordinates when running borderless or windowed mode.

  • Fixed an issue where having the Talent "High Tally" as Bardin Slayer wouldn't increase the damage done by Throwing Axes for consecutive hits.

  • Fixed a spot on Athel Yenlui where players could get stuck.

  • Fixed second heavy attack for Kerillian's Sword and Dagger doing less damage when under the effect of Infiltrate than without Infiltrate.

  • Fixed an issue where bots blocked attacks longer than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where players got block broken twice when block was broken by a Bestigor charge.

  • Fixed so that the killing the minotaur under the oak tree for the appropriate challenge works in the Weaves versions of Against the Grain.

  • Fixed projectiles that bounce sometimes ignoring hit mass. Bounty Hunter Locked and Loaded single projectile had its spread reduced when standing still, this also affects Double-shotted.

  • Added client predicted damage for ranged attacks so multi projectile attacks (like Kerillian's Trueflight) would be as effective on clients as it is on the server.

    Improved tracking for trueflight projectiles:

    • No longer overshoots targets on high speeds

    • Selects a new target if projectile misses the original target

    • Fixed target acquisition and seek being off by a frame now new target is selected immediately instead of a frame after one move update.

    Sound tweaks:

  • Less priority further away for horde enemies.

  • Volume tweaks to horde enemy footsteps, they are now higher than before.

  • Added short boss stingers whilst in Weaves.

  • Tweaked emitter sounds within Weaves. Lower priority for world sounds, higher priority for gameplay sounds.

Tuva J