The Sonnstill Celebrations arrive in Vermintide 2


Summer in Taal's Horn Keep

Summer Solstice is on its way and to celebrate this we have updated the Taal's Horn Keep to reflect the festivity. It’s a perfect opportunity to take a drink or sing a song in honour of Taal. And let’s not forget dancing through flowery fields. Sonnstill Celebrations is live right now and will continue so until July 12.


New Portrait Frame and Quests

Among the singing there is of course new rewards to be claimed. For this occasion, we are rewarding players that complete the Sonnstill Event Quest with an exclusive Portrait Frame.

In addition to the Event Quest, we will also be introducing two more quests for the more seasoned heroes. These will be to complete 10 Levels on Champion difficulty for an Emperor’s Chest and 10 Levels on Legend for an Emperor's Vault.

Double the Experience

Taal has truly blessed this summer with both joy and new experiences. For a time being heroes will now gain Double the Experience when playing. The blessing will last from 9am PST on Friday the 6th to 9am PST on Monday the 9th.

Bug Fixes & Minor Tweaks

  • We've made changes to the game sounds which should make it easier to pick out the sounds of Specials - so now that Packmaster won't be quite as sneaky, as he hides in a horde of lesser Skaven.

  • Fixed an issue where Bardin's ears would clip through his hats Kladkap and Gorusklad.

  • Fixed an issue with the Charm Trait "Concoction ", where clients would not get all potion effects while using this trait.