Sanctioned Mods - Wave 2

Welcome back from summer vacation and to the second wave of mod sanctioning. This time we've reviewed the, at the time, top rated mods from the workshop that had applied for sanctioning. A couple of mods (like Health Bars) skirt the limit of what could be judged as an unfair advantage and we still need to test more before giving a final verdict. For the rest that got reviewed but denied, there is a category in the workshop for it and the denial reasons are posted in the comments section.

We have some pretty cool stuff this time around more than doubling the amount of sanctioned mods, but I'll let the mods themselves do the talking!
- Robin Hagblom, Fatshark Technical Director

Sanctioned Mods

Wave 2My Hero

Creator: SkacikPL
This mod enables customization on the title/hero select screens. This means that heroes shown on both screens will reflect your current customization.


Penlight Lua Libraries

Creator: prop joe
A slightly stripped down version of the Penlight Lua libaries containing all kind of utility functions and classes to speed up mod development.


No Wobble

Creator: SkacikPL
With this mod enabled the camera will not be affected by weapon swing animations. classes to speed up mod development.


Killfeed Tweaks

Creator: prop joe
Reposition the kill feed and add a counter for duplicate kills.


Neuter Ult Effects

Creator: prop joe
Cuts down on visual and audio effects during career abilities.


Scoreboard Tweaks

Creator: prop joe
Adds a "Friendly Fire" category to the scoreboard. Friendly Fire and Damage Taken now award circles to the lowest score.


Parry Indicator

Creator: Gohas
Provides a color-customizeable visual cue via stamina shields when a timed block for the parry trait is active, allowing you to learn the timing more easily.


Third Person Equipment

Creator: grasmann
Shows equipped items and pickups on characters.


Chat Block

Creator: grasmann, blblbl(rus), IamLupo
Automatic block with melee weapon when typing in chat and opening menus.


Loadout Manager

Creator: Squatting Bear
Allows you to save multiple configurations of equipment and talents for each hero career, so that you can restore an entire configuration with a couple of mouse clicks.



Creator: Fracticality
Ever wanted to know what the exact stats are for every attack of every weapon? The armory provides just that, full breakdown of all weapons and allows you to check out all the available illusions for each weapon in a preview window with panning, pivoting and rotating camera controls.

Player List Plus

Creator: Squatting Bear
On the player list shown when you press the Tab key, shows the equipment of all players. If another player also has the mod installed, it will also show what traits, properties and talents they are using in their loadout.

Crosshair Customization

Creator: prop joe
Change the color and size of your crosshair. Some other options like dot-only on ranged weapons.

Mission Timer

Creator: th-om
Displays mission time during and/or after mission on the bottom right of the screen. Visibility during mission can be toggled.

We're hosting a livestream

Today at 16:00 CEST / 07:00 PST we'll be streaming on Steam and Twitch. Robin will talk about the Sanctioned Mods we've released today and all that they entail!


See you there!