Jesper Kyd Top 5 Tracks in Vermintide

1. The Skaven Come Out To Play

For Vermintide, the focus was always on creating music which would be felt through the perspective of the Skaven. This track captures the motivation, energy and sound of the Skaven as I imagined marching with the horde!

2. Vermintide End Times

The main theme for the game and it was also designed to be epic to fit within the Warhammer universe. My favorite part is the choir motif, which has a grand and ominous quality to it. But there are also some other interesting sounds, for instance, I really enjoyed playing the synth bass on this one, lots of fun.

3. The Horde Gathers

This is the Skaven horde’s call to arms. It’s a ritualistic piece and the raw rhythms represent their primal instincts when they go into battle. You can feel the primal energy of the Skaven horde coming at you; it’s an unstoppable force and it doesn’t have remorse. You are not going to be ok, the best you can hope for is survival. Did I mention, the Skaven rule this place?

4. Tunnels & Dynamite

We wanted the score to sound like it was performed by a Skaven band and a lot of custom instruments were mangled on this one. Imagine acoustic instruments that were invented by some mad Skaven scientist in dark medieval times. This track features some  experimental string instruments and even crazier percussion.  And the scratchy effects at the beginning sound like some Skaven broke free from the band to do a mad solo!

5. To The Forest

This final selection brings out a little bit more of the melodic side of a dark magic universe but still includes all the Skaven elements that make up the sound for Vermintide. For this one I was going for a strange atmosphere that's connected to nature, with sounds such as pieces of wood being stretched and manipulated.