Free Content Update


Content Update

Our free Content Update is now live and will introduce 100+ new cosmetics, Okri’s Challenges, Mod support and new ways of converting dust to the game. As a thank you to everyone who supported us, we are also giving you a login reward that can be claimed until June 2.


If you’ve visited the keep lately, you might have noticed a certain book appear next to Lohner. This brand new interface, called Okri’s Challenges, is a way for you as a player to progress and earn rewards for your hard work.


In Okri’s Challenges, you will be able to pick up daily Quests that will earn you new loot. If you do not have time to complete an active quest, don’t worry, they will stay there until you complete or dismiss them.


Under Challenges, you will have the opportunity to really enjoy the fruits of your labour. Here Okri has been particularly hard at work by presenting you with some of the most sought-after gear in the Empire. That means if there’s a specific hero you enjoy playing, there will be plenty of ways for you to show off your hard work, adding further to the late game experience.


With the new Content update, we will also introduce 100+ new cosmetics ranging from hats, skins and portrait frames. Some of these will be exclusively earned through Okri’s Challenges and some of them will only be obtainable by opening Commendations Chests. After listening to a lot of feedback from players, we have also increased the chance of obtaining cosmetics in chests.


With this free Content Update, we’ve now officially launched mod support. Mods will be supported through Steam Workshop where you can subscribe to community created mods and try them out as you see fit. If you wish to learn more what this means for you as a player or aspiring modder, we how-to guide and a blog post coming out tomorrow where you can read all about it.


Based on a lot of feedback from our community regarding the obtainability of a certain green dust, we have implemented a new system to convert higher tier dust to a lower tier. This means you can convert Orange to Blue dust and Blue to Green dust.