Dev Blog - Plague Monk and Stormfiend


Plague Monk

Of all the Horned Rat’s children, Plague Monks are undeniably the foulest. Zealots dedicated to the spread of corruption and decay, they are recognisable through their ragged, soiled garments and a putrid stench that fogs the surrounding air. 

Plague Monks are zealots, and hurl themselves into the fray without thought for their own lives. So scarred and swollen have their bodies become that pain is a distant memory, held at bay by diseases yet gnawing at their flesh, and callouses hardened into knotted lumps of flesh. Only death can still their fanatical ardour.



An enhancement of the already formidable Rat Ogre, the Stormfiend counts amongst the crowning achievements of Clan Moulder’s breeding experiments. Hardiness is granted by warp-metal armour fused directly to twisted flesh, reason by the brain-beast melded to the creature’s spine. 

And yet Clan Moulder cannot claim full credit for the Stormfiend. Clan Skryre weaponry grants the monster a capacity for slaughter that other Rat Ogres lack. Thus the Stormfiend’s maddened roars are often blotted out by the seething rush of warpfire, gouted from projectors bolted to its forearms. 

When facing a Stormfiend, the choice of battleground can mean the difference between life or an agonizing death. Thanks to the tactical awareness of the brain-creature on its back, the towering rat-beast will engage his foes from a distance with lethal gouts of warpfire. As the battle commences, the ground will quickly become a maze of flames, making it crucial that you choose your terrain carefully. The brute is heavily armoured and comes with one crucial weakness – the wicked little mastermind on its back. Interrupt his attacks, watch your step, charge as a team, target the mastermind, and who knows, you might even make it out alive.

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