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Gutter Runner

Gutter Runners are masters of stealth, soft-footed agents of Clan Eshin who wear the shadows as a cloak. They seldom attack head on, preferring to catch a foe unawares, or else while bogged-down in combat with Clanrats or Slaves. When the Gutter Runner judges the time to strike has come, it leaps, bearing the foe to the ground, slicing and tearing at the prone victim with warpstone-edged claws.

Yet for all its cunning and ferocity, the Gutter Runner is no less a coward than others of its kind. Should it be caught in the moment of attack, or sighted out of its hiding place, it vanishes in a cloud of smoke, nimbly skirting the confused attacker as it returns to the shadows. From there, the Gutter Runner sharpens its blades and plots its assault anew, just waiting for opportunity to arise.



The Packmasters of Clan Moulder excel in driving packs of ravening beasts into battle, but in the crush of the swarm they favour other tactics. Clan Moulder is ever seeking new subjects to further its vile breeding experiments, and every Packmaster covets the bounty paid for a particularly noteworthy prize. 

Thus lone Packmasters eschew their commonplace whip for a ‘things-catcher’– a barbed polearm, capable of strangling a foe into submission, and leaving them prone to later harvesting. Once caught in such a manner, the prey has no chance of escape, unless he or she has friends close by. Otherwise, the laboratories of Clan Moulder beckon…

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