Community Spotlight - November 29th 2018

Welcome to the latest instalment of our Community spotlight for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – an opportunity to feature the genius creations and creators from our community.

Win Fatshark socks

Before we begin, we would like to remind you to send your creations – be it tutorials, fan art or videos to with your address for a chance to win a pair of the elusive and sought-after Fatshark socks!

Winners of the dress your best Umgak costume contest

Last month over on the Vermintide sub-reddit, a call was put out challenging the community to submit their umgak cosplay ideas. To quote the organisers:

“We’re looking for your best impressions of our favorite heroes (or villains) in the game using whatever you have at your disposal while staying faithful to the spirit of the umgak we all so adore over here (for example, making Bounty Hunter Saltzpyre out of a couch throw, a colander, and a water pistol).”

You can see the entries over on reddit (including who won!) as well as check out all the entries in the gallery below.

Community creations

Veterans of Vermintide will know Walker Trips from his escapades on both YouTube and Twitch. As a purveyor of some of the finest created content out there, we let ourselves down when we missed this creation from back in June. So without further a-do, we present what we consider to be the finest content to come from The Rotten Oaks.

Bless this Chicken Dinner – by Walker Trips

Found fan art

There’s thousands of amazing bits of fan art to be found featuring Vermintide and the heroes (and villains) that take centre stage. This week we’ll be featuring just a handful of those.

Remember, you can submit your creations to with your address for a chance to win a pair of the elusive and sought-after Fatshark socks!

“Roasted” – by hentai_priest

(Made for Inktober 2018)

“Victor Saltzpyre” – by Captain Chaos

“A bust of everyone’s favorite cantakerous hunter of rats. Well, mine, anyway.”


“Saltzpyre Sculpture” – by ShawMonkey

“I took a quick break from culling ratmen and smiting heretics to sculpt this Saltzpyre bust. FOR SIGMAR!”


“Lumberfoots only”– by a20t43z

“Real reason why Kerillian lives under tree.”

1528742441_Lumberfoots only.png

That’s all for this spotlight – don’t forget you can submit stuff to us at any time, day or night, by email to!

See you in a couple of weeks, heroes!