From the developers of the award-winning Vermintide comes Vermintide 2, a visually stunning and action-intense first person co-op game pushing the boundaries of the genre.

You and your allies are the only force standing against the onslaught of the mighty warriors of Chaos and the hordes of Skaven. If you fall, so shall the Empire.

In the End Times of the Warhammer world, you will be challenged like never before as you and your team of Heroes face untold enemy hordes in a desperate struggle to save the Empire from devastation. Choose a career for your Hero, climb the talent tree, pick from a vast range of unique weapons and gear, and hack through the ranks of the monstrous invaders.




The five Heroes of Ubersreik are back for more blood-splattering battles against overwhelming odds. The 15 unique careers provide different playstyles and add variety and depth to character progression. Each career has an individual talent tree, active and passive abilities, and access to unique weapons and equipment.

Bardin Goreksson

"Bring your swarms, raki! I'll take them all!"

Still searching for his lost dwarfen hold and facing dangers with boisterous merriment, Bardin Goreksson has through his adventures in Ubersreik become a Ranger Veteran.

A dead-eye shot with a multitude of ranged weapons and more than capable of sending limbs flying or pulverising skulls in melee should the need arise, the Ranger Veteran wreaks havoc on any battlefield.

Ironbreakers are peerless tunnel fighters, armed and armoured for the never-ending contest against Skaven and other monsters of the depths. As an Ironbreaker, Bardin will be the indomitable wall upon which the enemy’s charge will break, and a bastion of steel for his comrades to rally around.

Before becoming a Ranger, Bardin cut his teeth as an Ironbreaker, serving in the throng of Kazak Norn. Pondering upon the events transpiring during the Ubersreik campaign, and in the world at large, Bardin decides to don the heavy armour of the Ironbreaker again.

Slayer Bardin is a melee whirlwind of carnage. A true specialist in close quarters slaughter, the Slayer Oath prohibits Bardin from using any ranged weaponry.

Bardin has been carrying a heavy burden in his heart, and after joining the band of heroes who saved Ubersreik, he finally allowed himself some time for brooding and introspection. A life changing, or rather life ending, decision was made. Bardin became a Slayer, a warrior that seeks nothing but an honorable and glorious death that shall expunge the shame.


"Humans have always caged what they do not understand."

The Shade is a master of stealth, a deadly assassin striking from the dark, able to outmaneuver any foe with fleet-footed movement and otherworldly agility. Devoted to her new faith, the Shade prefers weapons favored by Khaine to do her bloody work.

As the pain of exile continues to fester within Kerillian, a new voice introduced itself in hushed tones in her dreams. The whispers promised purpose and meaning and Kerillian, being sick to death of the world of men, listened. The voice belonged to Khaine, the God of War and Murder. Having accepted to heed his call, Kerillian embarked on a sinister journey to find her true self.

Still fighting, mocking, taunting and racking up a staggering amount of kills, Kerillian returns, more quick-witted and vicious than ever.

Waystalker Kerillian is the next step in her career as a Waywatcher, reflecting her ever-increasing skills with a bow and arrow. The Waystalker specialises in elven archery in all its forms, be it pinpoint precision work or sheer volume of arrows loosened upon hordes of oncoming enemies.

As the Handmaiden, Kerillian favors melee combat, using the reach of her spears to deliver death to her foes before they are in range to retaliate. Should an enemy close the distance, the armour of the Handmaiden is able to withstand a barrage of cuts, allowing Kerillian to retaliate with impunity.

Guided by Lileath, the Elven Goddess of the Moon, Kerillian was confident in the visions and dreams she had received from her favoured deity. One night, after yet another day of butchering Skaven, something extraordinary happened. The Everqueen herself, the spiritual leader of the high elves, reached out directly to Kerillian in a dream. Next morning, Kerillian woke up in awe and started to slowly digest the magnitude of what had just occurred…

Victor Saltzpyre

"The fires of heresy still burn bright within the streets."

As the Bounty Hunter, Saltzpyre dons heavy armour and prefers to kill his enemies with ranged weapons, before he has to suffer their foul stench up close. The Bounty Hunter combines melee and ranged combat, with more brute force (and less finesse) than the Witch Hunter of old.

When dealing with his superiors, Saltzpyre learned the hard way to temper the zeal of his obsession with the Skaven. After Ubersreik, he could no longer contain himself and spoke his mind. His superiors responded harshly, threatening Saltzpyre with severe reprimands. Victor, feeling betrayed and disillusioned, cut his mental ties with the order. Officially, he remains a fully authorized Witch Hunter. In his mind, however, Victor continues his quest alone, and will now, if the need arises, secure funds for his quest by working as a Bounty Hunter.

As a Witch Hunter Captain, Saltzpyre is all that he was during the Ubersreik campaign and more. He has improved his combat movement, deftly darting to advantageous positions, and sharpened his skills with an impressive array of weapons.

Unexpectedly, the day finally arrived when Victor Saltzpyre was promoted to Witch Hunter Captain. Saltzpyre had long since given up hope of advancing in the Order as his radical theories about the Skaven had gained him many enemies within. Fate, it seems, would have it otherwise. The Witch Hunters had suffered crippling losses in these turbulent times. With no other options, the Order was forced to choose Saltzpyre as a Witch Hunter Captain.

In battle, the Zealot is a furious melee fighter, thrashing heretics, heathens and monsters with flails and maces in a holy rage. Although lightly armoured, the zealot is capable of suffering grievous wounds and still continue fighting, bolstered by his faith alone.

Since losing his eye in a fateful encounter with the Skaven, and the obsession with the ratmen that followed, Victor Saltzpyre could no longer handle the Orders lack of support for his convictions. Deeming all worldly organisations insufficient for the monumental tasks ahead, Saltzpyre slowly descended into a fanatical worship of Sigmar.

Sienna Fuegonasus

"So the Northlanders like to play with fire? So do I."

As a Battle Wizard, Sienna unleashes powerful area of effect spells, immolating large numbers of enemies, turning onrushing hordes into smouldering piles of ash.

In order to find peace, Sienna had to temper her addiction. Her flame-lust will always be there, but she now dims it through more structured and organized means. She chose a touch of military discipline to deal with what she ultimately is – an addict.

The Pyromancer career turns Sienna into an efficient single-target annihilator, specialising in incinerating the hardiest of enemies at a brisk pace, one at the time.

As the Pyromancer, Sienna revels in her power but is careful not to overstep the mark, at least when out of battle. Through instinct and the half-remembered lessons from the Bright College, she balances the magic she wields with enough discipline to skirt damnation.

As the Unchained, Sienna’s focus now lays in magically enhanced melee combat. She can channel the winds of Aqshy to provide both an armour of flame that protects her and a mighty spell of fiery destruction, detonating around herself.

Sienna Unchained has thrown caution aside, embracing every possible scrap of power from the Winds of Magic to strengthen her. She lives from one dizzying magical high to the next, getting as close to the foe as she can – the better to witness that sublime moment when flesh and bone succumb to the glorious flame she now serves.


"Death for the sake of death. That's not soldiering. It's the work of beasts."

Foot Knight Kruber is strong as steel in defence and fearsome in offence, able to shrug off the mightiest of blows or shatter enemy ranks with a formidable charge. Standing tall in the thick of combat, the Foot Knight is the epitome of a heavily armoured, frontline melee warrior.

Knighted for his heroic contribution to the defense of Ubersreik, Kruber has – somewhat reluctantly – climbed the social ladder. Not fully comfortable in his new station, Kruber has nonetheless found new method and purpose in his never-ending battles, be they against the enemy horde or his inner demons.

Steady with his aim, especially after an ale or twelve, the Huntsman relishes both the thrill of long range kills on selected, particularly troublesome foes as well as the satisfaction of mowing down waves of oncoming hordes through devastating firepower.

Walking the path of the Huntsman, Kruber returns to his roots and finds solace in the worship of Taal and Rhya, the Gods of Nature. The Huntsman excels in ranged combat, delivering death from afar with bullet and arrow. Moving as one with the land, the Huntsman dons light armour, favoring speed and agility instead of heavy plate.

The Mercenary is a versatile fighter, entering battle in armour balanced to provide ample protection while not severely restricting mobility. In combat, the Mercenary is capable of both close quarters mayhem and shredding the enemy with ranged fire.

When Saltzpyre, the Witch Hunter, recruited Kruber for his retinue it was the former State Trooper’s first venture as a Mercenary. The new profession lit a fire within him, and a desire awoke to one day lead a company of his own as a Mercenary Captain. Perhaps the events in Helmgart will lead him down this path.


Level up your Heroes to unlock new talents, abilities and access to powerful gear.


Each Hero has three careers to choose from. All careers include a unique talent tree, allowing you to spec your Hero to best suit your playstyle.


The Heroes are bolstered with one active and passive ability, each unique for every career. Abilities can be crucial in turning the tide of a battle, so learn to use them effectively to increase the killing capacity and survival chance of your team.



Chaos joins the fight

The Warriors of Chaos have joined forces with the relentless Skaven ratmen, forming a Dark Pact to ravage the realms of men. Their combined horde is bristling with terrors and is supported by a wide array of specialized units, always ready to punish any arrogant southlander trying to play the hero.

The Warriors of Chaos

The Rotbloods are a clan of extremely vicious norsemen, bordering on the insane, who worship Nurgle, the God of Pestilence. They have allied themselves with the Skaven and launched a devastating offensive, and don’t intend on slowing down until the whole Empire is nothing but a putrid mire of disease and decay.

The Skaven Horde

The vile and cunning ratmen once again swarm from below, killing, consuming, defiling and enslaving wherever they strike. Clan Fester has returned with a vengeance after their debacle in Ubersreik, and this time they will not let some band of pathetic man-things ruin their plans.



The fight for the Empire continues

This is just the beginning of the End Times, and the enemy is still carving a bloody path through the Empire. This time the forces of evil have their gaze set on Helmgart and its surroundings.



Your safe haven in a storm of chaos

The Keep is our Heroes’ new base of operations. Here you will plan the ongoing war by choosing what missions to partake in as well as try out new weapons, talents, and abilities in the practice room. And for the love of Sigmar, don’t forget to decorate the keep with your battle trophies, showing the world your accomplishments.


The enemy is guided by our evolved Spawn Director, ensuring that every playthrough will be different. Enemy spawning and formations are always unpredictable, keeping you on your toes.


The completely revamped loot system ties rewards to the Hero and career you are currently playing. Combining a vast number of weapons and accessories with a wide range of properties and traits, you will be able to seriously tinker with character builds.


With an improved matchmaking system the multiplayer systems have been overhauled and enhanced.



Consumable quests with unexpected challenges

Experience special scenarios and unique trials through the Heroic Deeds System.These consumable quests will place you in strange new settings, dramatically change the mix of enemies you face, limit the use of weapons and abilities, or give you unusual mission objectives.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is packed with features that will immerse you deeply in the post-apocalyptic events of the Warhammer Fantasy world.

  • 5 Heroes
  • 15 careers
  • 15 talent trees
  • 20+ enemy types
  • 50+ different weapon types
  • A wide range of stunning levels
  • The Heroic Deeds System
  • Passive and Active career abilities
  • Hero-specific loot system
  • Dedicated server functionality (Coming soon for PC)
  • Mod Support (PC only)
… and much more