Patch 1.0.8

Patch 1.0.8 – our biggest update yet

The following Patch Notes highlight the more notable changes, tweaks and fixes. Reason for this is that there have been literally hundreds of changes to the game's levels – in order to fix positions where players could get stuck, moving around patrol spawn points to make sure we reduce the chance of them spawning right in front of you, and improving points where enemies could target you through structures.

We would like to extend a great deal of gratitude and thanks to our players, who participated in the 1.0.8 beta test. Thanks to your reports, we resolved many issues that would otherwise have made their way into this release.

We're also dedicated to performance, so this version includes major optimizations to the game engine. You should see a noticeable increase in performance on all systems. However, since we're making optimization changes to all areas of our game assets and resources, the will be a very large download.

Patch Notes

• Fixed an issue where bots would rapidly pass healing items back and forth between each other.
• Fixed an issue where a bot would not give an item to a player.
• Added difficulty reaction times for opportunity targets - specials which have not attacked yet.
• Fixed a spot on Halescourge, where bots had trouble jumping between two rooftops.
• Fixed an issue on Righteous Stand where bots would fail to rescue hanging players near the temple of Sigmar.
• Fixed an issue where bots would keep attempting - and failing, to use healing items when an item with the "Natural Bond" was equipped.
• Fixed an issue where bots would chase after a Packmaster that was dragging a player and would have problems switching to a melee weapon when getting close to the enemy.
• Fixed an issue where bots were unaffected by the Sudden Death effect from Deeds.
• Changed so that bots now consider total enemy threat value instead of the enemy count when evaluating distance to keep from melee follow position. This essentially means that small packs of dangerous enemies (e.g. Chaos Warrior) will now cause the bots to stay closer.
• Fixed some instances where bots would run away and chase enemies that had teleported out of sight.
• Fixed so that bot Saltzpyre can perform heavy chain attacks using the Flail.
• Increased the range at which bots can shoot at to 22.5 meters, up from 15.
• Bots will now vent overcharge when it is safe to do so.
• Improved bot Sienna's staff weapons. She will now fire the beam on Beam Staff for longer periods of time and can use the charged attack of Beam Staff and Fireball Staff when there are obstructing enemies nearby. She will also fire her Bolt Staff's rapid-fire attacks at a greater pace.

• Fixed missing voice lines on Fort Brachsenbrücke, Athel Yenlui, Convocation of Decay, Skittergate, and Halescourge.
• Added new combat music when fighting the Rat Ogre.
• Added new voice lines for all heroes.
• Banter and curses between heroes should now play a little less frequently.
• Fixed an issue where the crafting sound gets stuck when another player requests a mission vote.
• Added an extra headshot sound for melee weapons.
• Fixed Drakefire Pistols only playing overcharge sounds from the right pistol.
• Fixed an issue that caused the repeater pistol's charged shot sound effect to play on the first shot for repeating handgun's first charged shot, it also played the wrong animation on the repeating handgun's first shot.
• Fixed an issue with where the spawning sound for Gutter Runners wouldn't play when certain music was active.
• Fixed some issues where some Stormvermin sounds wouldn't play.
• Fixed an issue where sound effects from aggroed enemies could persist even though the enemy was dead or far away.

• Comprehensive optimization for all graphics, which affects all meshes, and textures, and other game assets. This will yield a performance increase on all systems.
• The GPU memory consumption has been reduced by up to 500MB, depending on quality settings. This should show a significant increase on GPUs with less than 4GBs of RAM, if they hit their VRAM limit.
• The main memory consumption has been reduced by up to 350MB.
• We've made a substantial amount of quality of life changes to visual effects on many of the weapons. Most notably was the issue on Veteran quality Runed Flame Staff, where its jet of flame pointed sideways.
• Removed the "Medium" option from the Ambient Light Quality settings due to incorrect PBR-lighting.
• Removed the "Off" option from the Volumetric Light settings due to lighting deviation was too big to the other options. Replaced it with a cheap "Lowest" option.
• Added a setting for Auto Exposure Speed which enables adjusting the convergence time of auto exposure.
• Fixed issues with particle effects not appearing correctly on lower graphics settings.

• Fixed mismatching descriptions and names for the Beam Staff "Dreiberg's Disintegrator", the Longbows "Glade Guardian's Nastirrath" and "Death Reign".
• Fixed the issue where the 2-handed weapon idle animations for Ironbreaker Bardin and Slayer Bardin were switched. Slayer will now be correctly riled up, and Ironbreaker is correctly chill.
• Fixed an issue on Slayer Bardin where the animation for Dual Axes would return to a one-handed idle animation when switching weapons while holding block.
• Fixed issue where Blacksmith's Handgun and Blacksmith's Blunderbuss displayed the incorrect icons.
• Reduced the Finesse coefficient to 1, down from 2, on the heavy attacks off Executioner Sword and the Glaives. This reduces the damage of headshots and critical attacks on these weapons' heavy attacks.
• Increased stagger on Great Axes to 0.5, up from 0.3. And increased their armor penetration to 0.75, up from 0.5.
• Increased the damage on Dual Daggers and Dual Swords heavy stab attacks to 0.25 damage, up from 0.2 and increased their armor penetration to 0.5, up from 0.25.
• Players will now be more mobile with one-handed swords. Increased the mobility multiplier to 0.75, up from 0.5.
• Tuned the spread and turnaround on Kruber's Longbow.
• Fixed an issue where the trait "Proxy" wouldn't work for clients. Proxy should now correctly apply its effect to the nearest ally.

• Unchained Sienna can now use Living Bomb during its Overcharge explosion to prevent the explosion and clear overheat.
• Fixed an issue where Unchained Sienna's Career Perk "Unstable Strength" wouldn't increase damage and stagger values based on overcharge, only the amount of targets hit.
• Changes to Huntsman Kruber's Thrill of the Hunt: Reduced the reload speed increase after headshot to 20%, down from 35%. Increased duration to 5 seconds, up from 2.
"After version 1.0.5 we've noticed an unintended behaviour involving the handgun and a set of talent setups which allowed the Huntsman to fire at an alarming rate. This didn't work all that great in practice and therefore we've decided to reduce the effect of Thrill of the Hunt to reduce the effectiveness of this combination in particular. To balance these changes, we have increased the duration of the buff which should allow for more leniency when using the handgun in particular, allowing weaving headshots with bodyshots and still maintaining the increased reload speed buff."
• Added a new icon for Huntsman Kruber's Career Perk "Call out Weakness", which is his critical strike chance aura. This previously used the same icon as the talent "Makin' it look easy" which caused some confusion.
• Fixed an issue with Slayer Bardin's talent "Stunty Saviour" - its movement speed increase will now properly be applied only when Bardin is the last player standing.
• Fixed an issue with Slayer Bardin's Career Skill "Leap". Bardin should now slide less on upward slopes and stairs, but still be able to clear small protruding obstacles.
• Changed the behavior of Career Skills which the hero dashes or lunges, to put the hero in a dodging state during its duration. This affects how well the enemies' attack track the hero. This affects Foot Knight Kruber, Zealot Saltzpyre, and Handmaiden Kerillian.
• Fixed issues with certain Career Skills doing damage to players and props, i.e. Witch Hunter Captain Saltzpyre won't scream loud enough to shatter glass or ignite explosive barrels anymore, and Ranger Veteran Bardin won't kill himself with his smoke bomb.
• Fixed an issue where the aiming animation could get stuck while holding down the activation key for Career Skills, while being grabbed by a Lifeleech or Chaos Spawn.

• Reduced height of the running sweep attacks of Maulers, by 50% - the attack came in a bit too high. Also increased the height of their standing sweep attacks, was a bit too low.
• Fixed an issue where the Bile Troll could get stuck near ledges in certain situations.
• When the Bile Troll is downed, and generating - its head is raised a bit to allow for easier headshots while it is vulnerable.
• Added a waiting period for Fanatics and Marauders when they are waiting for an opportunity to attack. This should make them more stable when crowding around a player.
• Fanatics will no longer do running attacks when they charge at you, only attacks as they move around. They have had the range of their moving attacks reduced - and also, the damage trigger window for their attack animations has been adjusted to more clearly show when an attack would hit a player."
• Increase the initial skulk time of Lifeleeches.
• Enemies wielding a shield will not block while they are falling.
• Fixed an issue where shield-wielding Stormvermin would play the wrong animation when their guard is opened up.
• Fixed issue that was causing the running slam attacks of Rat Ogres and Chaos Spawns, to push away heroes behind and to the sides of the boss instead of only those in its path.

• All levels have had a proper work over. Locations, where players have been reported getting stuck, have been fixed.
• Collisions for structures and environments have been adjusted to make Ratling Gunners less likely to fire through them.
• Spawn points for patrols and hordes have been tweaked to lessen the chance of enemies spawning in plain sight.
• Added guaranteed health and ammo drops before fighting Spinemanglr.
• Fixed an issue where players wouldn't respawn in the arena during the fight with Spinemanglr.
• Added objective markers on Festering Ground, to make it easier to find that last Buboe you didn't pop.
• Fixed an issue on Skittergate where Gatekeeper Naglfahr could be interrupted while transforming into Blessed Gatekeeper. Also, we changed his appearance a little to make him more distinct from Bödvarr. Check him out, he looks cool.
• The Skittergate Generators were being destroyed too easily, so we doubled their hitpoints. And made them invulnerable to ranged damage.
• Added more chests and crates to Fort Brachsenbrücke, to improve the chances of getting loot dice.
• Fixed an issue on The War Camp where a Stormfiend boss could get stuck under water, being unable to attack.
• Fixed a progression blocking issue in the prologue if the player didn't pick up the bow.
• The summing pool in Convocation of Decay, no longer deals damage. It will add fatigue, reducing stamina shields.

• Many quality of life improvements to playing with gamepads.
• Lohner and Olesya's talk-interacts are now correctly labelled.
• Fixed an issue where hot-joining players who took the place of a downed bot were given 100% permanent health instead of 100% temporary health, causing them to possibly get stuck in a downed state forever.
• Fixed a rare crash in the launcher.
• Fixed a crash when a client explodes a warpfire thrower tank.
• Fixed a crash that could occur if the Bile Troll changed targets while being far away from the players.
• Fixed a crash for clients when standing in an active Waystone Portal in the Keep and the host quits the game.
• Fixed a crash when transitioning into a leaping state from anything else than a standing or walking state, i.e. Slayer Bardin's Career Skill.
• Damage calculations should now correctly apply melee power boosts effects from talents and traits to training dummies. Also, talents and traits should now trigger properly.
• Fixed a crash if you picked up a barrel or training dummy during the animation for Ranger Veteran Bardin's Career Skill.
• Fixed a crash that would occur if a vote was completed when the game session had been torn down.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when attacking a Stormfiend in the back.
• Fixed a crash that could occur when damaging a training dummy while someone picked it up.
• Fixed a softlock issue when trying to close Hero Selection after having changed heroes.
• Improved word wrapping for Chinese localization.
• Fixed issues with Saltzpyres and Kerillian's Repeating Crossbows having ammo floating in the air after inspecting your hero.
• Fixed an issue where the health bars for bosses weren't being displayed for clients unless the boss was tagged by another player.
• Changed the visual appearance of lamp oil fire to not look so two-dimensional when viewed from above.
• Fixed an issue with Twitch Mode that, while respawning, would hide the voting UI.
• Fixed missing blood and armor impact effects when Ratling Gunners hit other enemies.
• Players now automatically block while reviving or rescuing other players. Blocking before reviving was always something players could do, we just made this automatic.
• Opening Hero Selection will no longer be available during matchmaking.
• We now use a font which supports non-latin characters to display player names.

Free Content Update

As some of you have seen in our Newsletter we are getting close to the release of the first free Content Update to Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Featuring tons of new cosmetics, Mod support and a brand new achievements and challenges system. Here’s a first glimpse of how it will look inside the keep.

Mod support

As some of you have seen on the launcher, Mod support is well underway and will be part of the free Content Update. We aren’t quite ready to share specific details but our very own Techincal Director, Robin is working on a post that will talk more about what to expect.