Community Spotlight - May 9th 2018

Welcome to the second instalment of our Community spotlight for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – an opportunity to feature the genius creations and creators from our community.

Win Fatshark Socks

Before we begin, we would like to remind you to send your creations – be it tutorials, fan art or videos to with your address for a chance to win a pair of the elusive and sought-after Fatshark socks!


The Blight Stormer - bulbous and vile.

Cédric claims his Fatshark socks this week with this submission to We love this fan art! More please, Cédric!

"Thanks for your amazing job with Vermintide 2! Seriously. That's the best gore and fun experience I ever had. Cheers, and excellent job to everyone!"

By: Cédric Fournel


Custom Kerillian statue

"This is a custom statue I had made. It’s my personalized Kerillian, from the bow and hood that I used to the trinkets I have equipped around her waist. Makes it infinitely more valuable to me. Thank you for your time and the wonderful game that you all worked so hard on."

Socks claimed by: Carlos Galvez


Kruber and Saltzpyre feature in another double edition of fan art finds. We’d link to the artists’ page directly but some might make you blush, so we’ll credit by name alone!

By: Scrawny Grandpa Illustrations


Bardin & the Warrior

It may be untitled, but it’s certainly worthy of featuring in the fan art finds this week! Tank life eh, Bardin?
By: weiweiwong

No doubt you checked our Grimoire guide last week, here’s a visualisation for one of the trickier ones!

Pixelart: MoscaTnT
Animation: Juanje_Infante


IshkaTV has been playing a whole lot of Vermintide over the years and this week hopes to get his final legend maps complete – that is, when he’s not in the midst of moving from Europe back to his homeland in the USA. Be sure to chuck him a follow to get notified when he’s next back online and smacking rats!

“My name is Ishka and I am a Paladin in training. Though I have been gaming my whole life, I am new to LARPing. My goal is to create a positive and engaging environment that everyone can enjoy..”



A comprehensive guide to Vermintide 2 features this week. All you need to know about almost everything! Bonus: It’s funny as heck.

By: Wilson, FunnyHorror & Gintoki

Thanks for reading and remember to send your creations and feedback to us at and we might feature it!