Community Spotlight - May 3rd 2018

Welcome to the first instalment of our Community spotlight for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – an opportunity to feature the genius creations and creators from our community.

Win Fatshark Socks

Before we begin, we would like to remind you to send your creations – be it tutorials, fan art or videos to with your address for a chance to win a pair of the elusive and sought-after Fatshark socks!



A perfect shot that captures the feeling of when you’ve just started a new level.
By: Zombine

42point195kilometres delivered not one but two awesome sketches of the Zealot and Unchained careers. Both worthy to be hung on a wall.
By: 42point195kilometres


Truk Rotlich

Truk Rotlich the sack rat, according to the artist. An exile of the Skaven, she attempts to trade goods to all different factions, a coward but won’t hesitate to kick a friend off a cliff to scoop up their loot.
By: featherfine


Sigmar Approves

Sigmar Approves indeed. It’s hard to not see the everyday use of this image.
By: lucilledraws


Imbaer offers high-level play as a Vermintide veteran with close to 1700 hours played.
“When I stream Vermintide 2 I mostly play Legend quickplay mixed in with some true solo and the occasional true duo. I’m also more than happy to answer questions people might have about the game.”


Time-lapse of an art piece depicting Kerillian battling the Skaven. This one you need to watch!
By: firez-tbr

Looking for a short but detailed guide on how to find the different Tomes and Grimoires hidden throughout the game? Well, you’re in luck! Youtuber GeneralMcBadass got your more than covered.
By: GeneralMcBadass

Thanks for reading and remember to send your creations and feedback to us at and we might feature it!