Unscheduled Maintenance

Major Update

We are very happy to finally be able to put the game live again. It’s been a hectic night & day at Fatshark but your continued support throughout has really helped. A big warm thank you from all of us.

To make up for the outage, we’ve decided to add a completely new level to the preorder beta. Grab your favourite Hero and go to the Wizard’s Tower!

Unfortunately, in order to secure the servers we’ve had to roll back the backend to an earlier backup before the outage. Any progression after 12:00 (noon) UTC yesterday (Tuesday) will sadly be lost.
Finally, we are a small independent team and any feedback you can provide is super valuable to us. All the hours you’ve put into the game in the last few days have helped tremendously, so please continue playing and reporting issues like there’s no tomorrow. Because The End is Nigh…


Older Messages

You can’t play the game currently and we are very sorry for that. We’ve had to take down our backend for unscheduled maintenance. It’s a difficult decision but a few hours ago we had some technical issues with our backend due to failed unauthorized tampering with the servers.  We are now tightening up these processes before the release of the game on Friday. This is now our top priority here at Fatshark and we hope to be able to get online again today, Wednesday. We’ll keep posting more info as we have it.

Being an indie developer we are used to working tightly with our community to improve our games during betas. This includes openness and simplicity.  Vermintide has got a great response – there are more beta players than we imagined even in our wildest fantasies  – and everyone at Fatshark is working long hours to give you the best game possible by Friday, and beyond. Bear with us as we tighten the screws on the backend!

Update 10:00 am UTC – Still working away

Update 11:00 am UTC – We’re still working on the backend. Some people have asked if personal data or financial data has been compromised and it has NOT. We do not store such data on our backend as it’s handled by Steam’s servers.

Update 12:00 pm UTC – Still working, and internal testing in progress

Update 1 pm UTC – Testing still in progress

Update 2 pm UTC – Progress is being made, next update should have more information

Next update in around 60 minutes (around 3:00 pm UTC)