Thanks from Fatshark Team

Dear community,


We wanted to take this time just before the launch of Vermintide to thank you for all your support, and to tell you how excited we are to finally open up the gates to Übersreik. It has been an amazing journey so far, filled with hard work, laughter, rage, hope and the deepest despair. We’ve had a fantastic time with you gamers and fans over the past few months: Warhammer fans (old and new), co-op gamers, and of course maniacally-laughing-rat-stabbing streamers. To all of you who waded through Raki blood during the betas with us – thank you all. We are humbled by your passion and support.


Heroes, know that the End Times are soon upon us, but that the journey doesn’t end here, this is just the beginning. Let us tell you what’s going on.


At the moment we’re mainly focusing on support. We are an independent studio, and there is no one between you and us. Right now when you write a helpdesk ticket it is picked up by us devs directly – we are your customer service – which means that we can assign and start working on issues quickly (we admit, we could use some speed potions right now). We are gamers, so we know your frustration when things are not working as they should – be it crashes, backend issues or bad loot rolls. However, issues always vary in complexity: sometimes the solution takes a matter of minutes, other times (especially hardware or driver issues) may require extensive detective work before we can pin down the problem. When we’ve fixed an issue we can’t immediately patch it – we need to do a lot of testing before we can sign off on a patch (and even then things can go Skaven-shaped).


Just know that we are committed to solving your issues but that some of these will take time.


Ah, but now, for the future! In the coming weeks we will continue to addressing helpdesk issues, and we will also start to work on improvements and more content. We already have some shrewd ideas of what we’d like to see in the future, and above all we value your input and ideas here. Later we’ll give you more details on what’s in store for Vermintide.


In the meantime, enjoy yourselves, have fun and play nice! There will be a lot of new players coming in, and they’ll need a few tries before learning the strategies and getting the good rolls :)


This is only the beginning, and we’re in it for the long run (until the end of times, to be more precise).


See you soon in Übersreik!

/ The Fatshark Team