Dev Blog #5 | Kerillian, Waywatcher


  "I count every kill I make, why? The reasons are my own" Kerillian Your browser does not support the audio element.  We are super excited to present Kerillian, our enigmatic Wood Elf Waywatcher. Kerillian walks the land of men, but has yet to reveal her reason for doing so.  When asked, she may not even dignify the question with an answer or simply make up some … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #4 | Animation Player Character: Part 1


Hey everyone, my name is Mikael and I’m the Lead Animator and TA on Vermintide. With me I also have Patrik who is one of our Player Character Animators on the project. We are going to talk a bit about how we approached player character animation for Vermintide and how our process for creating these characters looks like from the initial steps until the intense end of the … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #3 | Victor Saltzpyre, Witch Hunter


"I haven’t come to save you, I’m a killer, and I’ll kill you as soon as look at yer, if you get in my way." Victor Saltzpyre Your browser does not support the audio element.   Meet Victor Saltzpyre, our grim and relentless Witch Hunter. Victor is a man on a personal crusade against the ratmen, driven by reasons he keeps to himself, seeking them out wherever they rise. … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #2 | Animation AI Part 1: Introduction


Introduction Hello! I’m Maddy, your friendly neighborhood animator. This is the first in a series of in depth dev-blogs on artistic and technical animation, touching on AI, design and sprinkled with anecdotes from the company. Our ambition is to share as much as we can on the development process in an accessible and hopefully fun way. WOO I’m exited to finally write a … [Read more...]

[April Fools] Introducing A New Game Mode: Hammertime


Introducing a brand new, Skaven-shattering game mode for Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide: Hammertime is the rat-infested tribute to American Baseball turned on its head as players go up against hordes of Skaven to perform acts of ultra cheese shredding violence as they bash the skulls of the oncoming onslaught of Skaven. Top performers will be immortalized in the … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #1 | A Passion for Warhammer


Hi, I’m Mårten Stormdal, Producer on Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide. When I first came into direct contact with Warhammer Fantasy Battles, almost fifteen years ago, it was actually our Game Director Anders who introduced me to it. We worked together on our first game and the hobby gave us a nice distraction and breathing room between all the overtime and crunch nights. I … [Read more...]

Sneak Peak Trailer | GDC 2015


The first bit of gameplay for Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide is revealed in this Sneak Peek video made for GDC. We've invited journalists to take a look at the game at GDC, so expect to hear more about it in the coming days/weeks! Back to News … [Read more...]

Announcing Award-Winning Composer Jesper Kyd


Award-Winning Composer Jesper Kyd to Soundtrack Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Composer Behind the Assassin’s Creed Series and Hitman Series to Compose Music for Fatshark’s Upcoming PC and Console First-Person Shooter and Melee Game. Stockholm, Sweden - February 23, 2015 – Independent developer Fatshark announced that BAFTA award-winning composer Jesper Kyd will … [Read more...]

Official Vermintide Forums Launched


Heroes! Following the announcement of Vermintide we have launched the official forums. Check it out HERE Head over there for a chance to discuss the game with the team and other heroes. The forums support login via Steam, Facebook, Twitter or OpenID if you don't feel like registering a brand new account. Back to News … [Read more...]

Vermintide Announced


Fatshark Announces Visceral PC and Console Combat Co-Op Game - Warhammer®: End Times Vermintide™ First-Person Shooter and Melee Game set in the End Times of Warhammer, Coming to Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2015 Stockholm, Sweden - February 5, 2015 – Independent developer Fatshark announced today the development of Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, a … [Read more...]