Dev Blog #13 | Sound Designing and Creating Ambience


Well hello there! I am Danijel, and I am one of the three sound designers here at Fatshark working on Vermintide. You probably read about the passionate Warhammer fantasy fans here at the office. While I have always been more of a 40k player myself, once we began working on the project I started digging into the pile of lore to learn more about the world. As I did this, I … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #12 | Level Designing the End Times


Or "Stringing four maniacs along with breadcrumbs." Greetings, traveler! I’m Daniel Platt and I’m the Lead Level Designer on Warhammer: End Times: Vermintide. I’m one of the guys who’s been spending the last year or so figuring out how to design the levels for our little end-of-the-world encounter with the ratmen known as the Skaven. My colleague Joakim wrote a great blog post … [Read more...]

Vermintide Q&A with Game Designer Victor Magnuson


Q:What kind of game is this? A: Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide is a first-person 4 player co-op game set in the city of Ubersreik during the End Times of the Warhammer fantasy world. It is the first time players will be able to experience the Warhammer fantasy world from a first person perspective. Q:How would you describe the gameplay style? A: Vermintide is an … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #11 | Bardin Goreksson, Dwarf Ranger


    ”Nothing wrong with that. The Doom of Broggi Stonehand’s a fine song to go with an ale or twelve. Indeed it is! A fine tale of grudges settled, and foemen lying like firewood in the mountainside.” Bardin Goreksson Your browser does not support the audio element.    The fourth hero of Vermintide is Bardin Goreksson, the doughty Dwarf Ranger hailing from … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #10 | Animation AI Part 2: Enemies


  Hi y’all! Your friendly neighborhood animator is back with some more information on the motion of Skaven!   In my last post I talked about the start of the Bulldozer project, the first template player character and the fate of our first enemy, the Skaven Slave. This post I’m going to talk about a little something that we like to call AI-mation, the healthy love … [Read more...]

Official Vermintide Wiki Now Live


  Heroes! We have just launched the Official Vermintide Wiki together with Curse! Curse are experts in creating platforms for communities to thrive in, and this site will serve as the official wiki for any and all information related to Vermintide. We hope you'll help us make is the go-to place for information on … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #9 | The Sprint Demos


Game development can be described using analogies like building a house, cooking a meal or baking a cake. Regardless, it all boils down to the same thing – communication.  Insufficient communication between teams and a lack of shared vision will undoubtedly compromise the quality of the end product. Insufficient communication leads to Chaos! In order to plan out and … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #8 | Designing Ubersreik


Oh, Ubersreik - proud town on the river Teufel, standing firm between the Grey Mountains and the Reikwald forest - this mark-marks the beginning of the end for you. I should know, my name is Joakim and I am one of the level designers working on Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide. Having dabbled in apocalyptical events in earlier projects, I know that ending the world is not … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #7 | Markus Kruber, Empire Soldier


    ”I've fought my share of battles against the beastmen of the woods, but these ratmen are different. The warherds are always driven by their bestial nature. They fight hard, but direct. The ratmen are cunning, clever.” Sergeant Markus Kruber Your browser does not support the audio element.    Vermintide’s third hero is Markus Kruber, our deadly but war … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #6 | Sound Design: Part 1


  Hi, my name is Jonas and I work as a Sound Designer here at Fatshark. I have had the pleasure to work on a lot of different games during my career within the video game industry, including for example The Chronicles of Riddick, Krater, War of the Roses and War of the Vikings.   We are in total three sound designers here at Fatshark who are working with … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #5 | Kerillian, Waywatcher


  "I count every kill I make, why? The reasons are my own" Kerillian Your browser does not support the audio element.  We are super excited to present Kerillian, our enigmatic Wood Elf Waywatcher. Kerillian walks the land of men, but has yet to reveal her reason for doing so.  When asked, she may not even dignify the question with an answer or simply make up some … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #4 | Animation Player Character: Part 1


Hey everyone, my name is Mikael and I’m the Lead Animator and TA on Vermintide. With me I also have Patrik who is one of our Player Character Animators on the project. We are going to talk a bit about how we approached player character animation for Vermintide and how our process for creating these characters looks like from the initial steps until the intense end of the … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #3 | Victor Saltzpyre, Witch Hunter


"I haven’t come to save you, I’m a killer, and I’ll kill you as soon as look at yer, if you get in my way." Victor Saltzpyre Your browser does not support the audio element.   Meet Victor Saltzpyre, our grim and relentless Witch Hunter. Victor is a man on a personal crusade against the ratmen, driven by reasons he keeps to himself, seeking them out wherever they rise. … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #2 | Animation AI Part 1: Introduction


Introduction Hello! I’m Maddy, your friendly neighborhood animator. This is the first in a series of in depth dev-blogs on artistic and technical animation, touching on AI, design and sprinkled with anecdotes from the company. Our ambition is to share as much as we can on the development process in an accessible and hopefully fun way. WOO I’m exited to finally write a … [Read more...]