Dev Blog #29 | The Skaven – Sack Rat


  All the races of the Old World have their distinct priorities and wants and needs. For the Skaven, both individually and as a faction, the lure of power is their sole drive and motivation. While the intricacies of Skaven psychology and society would require a lengthy essay or twelve, a basic knowledge of their verminous motivations will serve well enough for the layman … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #28 | Sound Design: Hearing Voices


  Hi, I am David, lead sound designer at Fatshark. I joined the Vermintide project about a year ago. Fatshark has always been working on several titles simultaneously and this autumn a year ago was no exception. I've been following the Vermintide project from the side since the start and was amazed by the progress. So I was happy when I finally could join the team, and … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #27 | The Handler


    “Ah, there you are! Get on board.” Olesya Pimenova, the Handler Your browser does not support the audio element.   Olesya Pimenova will play a pivotal role for the heroes of Ubersreik during the Skaven invasion,  acting as a mission handler and getaway vehicle driver for the party.  When the mission objectives are completed, she will be there, waiting … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #26 | The Inn Keeper


    “Rested? Healed? Good, because I got another job for you. And it won’t keep.” Franz Lohner, the Inn Keeper Your browser does not support the audio element.   Franz Lohner is innkeeper of the Red Moon Inn and a pragmatic man. Simultaneously, Lohner is a bit of enigma. He knows more than he should, but drip feeds that information out as he needs to. He … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #25 | Animation AI Part 3: Rat Ogre


  HEY Maddy here. How are ya? Good? Good! It’s been a while since my last blog post. Summer vaycay seem a lifetime away and autumn is now painfully rubbing its presence in my eyes. Stockholm is still hella pretty, offering some clear blue skies to go with that crisp autumn air. Vermintide production is going well and we are all putting in a lot of extra hours to get … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #24 | Sound Design: Listening to your surroundings


  Hi, it's Jonas the Sound Designer again and today I'll be talking about how important it is to listen to your surroundings while playing Vermintide. The sound design in Vermintide is a balanced chaos, and when special enemies and hordes of Skaven are running at your party, paying attention to these sound queues might just save your skin. When you are in the thick … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #23 | The Skaven – Stormvermin Patrol


    The clangor of armored paws marching down Kerzenstrasse tears through the jumbled soundscape of scurrying and hurrying Clanrats and Skavenslaves, drowning their ever present skittish jabber and bruxing of teeth.  With each steel-shod impact on the cobblestone, a message ripples out -- the tidings of oncoming discipline and might far beyond the capability of the … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #22 | The Skaven – Ratling Gunner


    As you confidently bear down upon a mere handful of Clanrats,  an ominous whirring mechanical sound  travels up the alley. A moment later, the streets explode in a thunderously loud barrage and green glowing warp trails tear through the air.  Dust and debris erupt from bullet impacts, and the bodies of your allies and clanrats alike twitch and turn as they’re … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #21 | The Skaven – Skavenslaves


    A battle horn sounds in the distance, preluding the oncoming assault. At first only a trickle of vermin come into view, their raw pinkish skins covered in scars and boils, as they charge your position. Then suddenly, it’s as the floodgates have opened, and your band of heroes are swept away in a torrent of fangs, fur, claws and filth. The tide of Skavenslaves have … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #20 | The Skaven – Packmaster


    As the battle rages, the street is a jumbled mess of manically surging rat-men, fighting and dying against a wall of steel and fire maintained by your comrades. Holding a rear guard position whilst keeping a tight formation, you fend off vermin coming from the sides and behind, leaving a bloody trail of mangled furry carcasses. Just as you plow your blade through … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #19 | The Skaven – Gutter Runner


    It starts as a whisper in the shadows, the eerie feeling that that you are being watched from the rooftops. Out of what feels like thin air, a cloaked shadow launches itself in a powerful leap, and effectively pins you to the ground.  As you scream for help, the Gutter Runner starts to frenetically whittle the life out of you with it’s razor sharp metal claws, one … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #18 | The Skaven – Rat Ogre


    First, there were barely noticeable vibrations, then a rapid escalation of tremors, signalling the approach of something extraordinary large and dangerous.  As the oncoming threat turns the corner, your eyes confirm what your ears and gut had warned you about. Blocking the alley now stands a towering horror of muscle, scars, giant teeth and fearsome claws.  With a … [Read more...]

Dev Blog #17 | The Skaven – Stormvermin


    At first glance, one might mistake the Stormvermin for just an especially large and well-armed Clanrat, but once you realise your strike  just glanced of its armour and its halberd missed you by  just an inch, you know you’re in for a fight.     The Stormvermin Wearing heavy armour, red cloth and a  crest adorned helmet, the Stormvermin … [Read more...]

Beta Key Giveaway 1


This Giveaway Is Over Heroes! Beta is fast approaching! If you haven't signed up for the Beta, you should go do that right now, and then check out our Beta Key Giveaway! One hundred lucky winners will recieve beta keys alongside one thousand heroes who signed up at! Check out the giveaway! … [Read more...]