“Good, minion, good, save the organs for me-me!”

“The Dwarf-thing! I want the Dwarf-thing to die!”

Wearing heavy armour, red cloth and a  crest adorned helmet, the Stormvermin are among the fighting elite of the Skaven clans. Well trained in the use of halberds, they are tough challenge in one on one combat. Stormvermin will mix up stabs, swings, blocks and parries, to always keep the players on their toes.


The Stormvermin are often seen ordering the Clanrats around, shouting instructions and egging the rest of the army on, thereby bolstering their aggression. They are leaders in battle, and will not break and run as easily as the rest of their kind.


Tips, tricks and trivia for how to kill-kill a Stormvermin