Rat Ogre

Waywatcher getting attacked by a charging Rat Ogre

About twice the size of a regular human, the Rat Ogre is the result of horrendous surgical and crossbreeding experiments (mainly, but not limited to, between Skaven and Ogres). A feral, primal nearly unstoppable killing machine, the Rat Ogre has the strength and size to cause the ground to shake as it charges. Should our heroes fail to move and be caught in the charge, they’ll find themselves on the receiving end of the Rat Ogres claws.


The Rat Ogre is also known to grab nearby victims (like a hero, for instance) and throw it quite a distance.  For the hero, sailing through the air might be exhilarating, but the abrupt and painful landing is definitely not.


On the whole, the Rat Ogre is a mindless brute, relying on aggression and muscle to get the job done. It will focus its attacks on one hero at a time, enabling the rest of the party to assist in taking it down, while the Rat Ogre’s attention is focused on its sole target.  As always, the key to victory is teamwork.

Tips, tricks and trivia for how to kill-kill a Rat Ogre