Ha, about to die fire-witch!

I burn, then eat eat-you!

The Clanrats make up the bulk of the Skaven army and are among the lowest ranking in the vile clan hierarchy. Slightly shorter than your average man, the Clanrats matted fur is filthy and patched, with wounds and boils covering parts of their body. They are clothed in rags and scrap armour, carrying worn down swords, knives, maces, flails, spears, and torches.


The Clanrats’ strength comes from their great numbers, surrounding and overwhelming their enemy by attacking from all directions. While banded together, the Clanrats bolster each other’s confidence and aggressiveness, encouraged by the screaming of orders like “kill the man-things, quick-quick”. Yet these warriors are cowardly at heart and lack basic discipline and determination, so if the odds turn against them, the remaining Clanrats will start to cower away or even flee the battle.

Tips, tricks and trivia for how to kill-kill a Clanrat