Vermintide Hits 300,000 Sales and Celebrates with First Free Content DLC – Sigmar’s Blessing

Fatshark to Release Alternating Free and Paid DLC for Vermintide

Stockholm, Sweden – November 11, 2015 –  Independent developer Fatshark today revealed that since its launch on Steam, Humble Store, Greenman Gaming, and Gamersgate, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide has sold over 300,000 copies in just over two weeks. To celebrate this Fatshark has now revealed the first downloadable content pack for VermintideSigmar’s Blessing will be available for free to all players on December 3rd.

“We couldn’t be happier to reach 300,000 sales of Vermintide so far and the player reception and feedback, has left us humbled more than anything,” said Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark. “I’m super excited to announce that Sigmar’s Blessing will be free for all current and future Vermintide players, plus, going forward, Vermintide will offer alternating free and paid DLC”.

The free DLC will introduce a number of new features including player control of what loot is dropped in-game and a new altar in the Inn, that provides ways of sacrificing existing loot to improve the player’s arsenal. In addition to this, the DLC will include completely new traits added to the loot tables and new, unique weapon drops in the “red” loot class for each of the 40 weapon types in Vermintide. Each red weapon features a set trait combination, taking top tier gameplay to a new level.

Aside from this first DLC, Fatshark is separately planning on adding a private mode, for players wanting the challenge of facing off against the Skaven alone! Realism mode is also on the way, removing the game HUD, crosshairs and more to create a truly immersive and authentic (and hardcore!) experience for particularly skilled Vermintide fans. Last but not least, Fatshark will be adding a survival mode to the game, allowing players to take on endless waves of ever-increasing enemies. How long will you be able to last against the deadly Skaven hordes?