Dev Blog #3 | Victor Saltzpyre, Witch Hunter


“I haven’t come to save you, I’m a killer, and I’ll kill you as soon as look at yer, if you get in my way.”

Victor Saltzpyre

Witch_Hunter_Icon  Meet Victor Saltzpyre, our grim and relentless Witch Hunter.


Victor is a man on a personal crusade against the ratmen, driven by reasons he keeps to himself, seeking them out wherever they rise. He is a member of the Order of the Silver Hammer, but his obsession with the Skaven has caused friction with his superiors, and effectively hindered his well-earned promotion to Witch Hunter Captain.

Unlike other Witch Hunters, Victor has no objections to working with other races. To him, the end justifies the means, and he is ultimately willing to fight alongside anyone as long as they are not outright enemies of Sigmar and the Empire.


Choosing the Witch Hunter

When we started looking at which Warhammer classes we wanted to use as our heroes, a Witch Hunter felt like a natural choice. Not only are they badass in their own right, but they are constantly fighting the forces of Chaos and evil, something that the Skaven in many ways embody. On top of that, Witch Hunters are deliciously unlikeable, willing to kill any and all who stand between them and their prey.


Designing Victor came very naturally, partly because the Witch Hunters have such a distinct look about them, but also partly because his sullen personality fit perfectly with the dark and lethal look of the Order. Sharp, haggard and cold features combined with a tall thin look gave Victor the perfect uncompromising aura one would expect from a Witch Hunter.

After we were satisfied with our concept and got a thumbs up from Games Workshop, we started working on bringing him into the game. We made sure to really emphasize the lean and hollow aspects of his features, to try and bring out his more sinister nature. The fact that he ended up looking a bit like Willem Dafoe was completely coincidental.

Witch_Hunter_Close Up


Victor Saltzpyre’s Arsenal

We gave Victor leather armor like many of his Order, to ensure that he had an agile feel, and weapons to match.  He was fitted with a brace of Pistols and a Rapier as starting weapons. The Pistols were a must-have since they are such an iconic part of a Witch Hunter, while the Rapier felt like a natural melee weapon for someone who kills with precision.

Since we wanted to ensure our heroes are flexible in their Skaven killing techniques, we added other weapons to Victor’s arsenal. This will allow the Players to pick their own fighting style, responding to the needs of themselves or their team.  The Witch Hunter’s Great Sword and Repeater Pistol will allow Victor to take down multiple foes at once, while his Crossbow and One Handed Axe lets him target individual enemies and penetrate their armour with great efficiency.

The Story of Victor Saltzspyre

Victor Saltzpyre was the son of a talented blacksmith who found work with the Order of the Silver Hammer.  While apprenticing for his father, a Witch Hunter captain recognised Victor’s raw potential, and sought his father’s leave to train the boy.

And so, with his father’s permission, Victor underwent the grueling Witch Hunter training and rituals, which some men do not even survive, and embarked on a life long journey of battling the foul creatures that blight the Empire.


Twenty years later, Victor was hunting a Vampire’s thrall. The girl had once been daughter to an influential burgomeister, whose great fortune had been built on mining. After a thorough investigation, Victor discovered his prey by a warpstone seam, deep in her father’s mine. As he prepared to strike, a band of  Skaven sprang from nowhere and attacked.

After a long and gruelling struggle, Victor emerged from the mine, sorely wounded, but alive. He’d lost an eye, but had gained renewed purpose in exchange.

Soon after, Victor learned that the Burgomeister knew of the warpstone in his mine, and had profited greatly from it. Not content with a single act of treachery against his Emperor, the scoundrel had been covertly selling it to both the Skaven and the Vampire who controlled his daughter. It had been only a matter of time before one customer sought to eliminate the other.

After hanging the burgomeister, and those merchants he deemed accomplices, Victor walked away a changed man with grander priorities. He scoured the land for information about the Skaven, and sought assignments that bore the telltale signs of their involvement.


No one knows for sure what exactly happened in the Warpstone Mine and why this incident became such a life changing event for Saltzpyre.  To this day, he has never divulged the details. Trust is not a coin a Witch Hunter deals in, but perhaps… just perhaps… a warrior strong enough to share the burdens of his quest will learn the secrets of  Victor Saltzpyre, Witch Hunter of the Order of the Silver Hammer.

In recent events, Saltzpyre has been dragging a prisoner, a highly-strung Bright Wizard, back to Ubersreik to answer charges of ‘Murder by Immolation’ made by the town magistrate. Victor wouldn’t normally get himself embroiled in such petty concerns but he is using this task as cover to investigate fell rumours that the rat-men have infiltrated the Ubersreik nobility – including the Magistrate – in preparation for a full invasion. Besides, Victor has no love for the Magic Colleges, and this fiery woman has been rubbing him the wrong way from the moment she was brought to him.


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