Karak Azgaraz DLC coming to PS4™ & Xbox One on March 17th!


Karak Azgaraz is coming to Xbox One, and PS4™ on March 17th. Set among the snowy peaks of the Grey Mountains, our heroes are once again tasked with foiling the Skaven’s devious plot. This time, players must fight through snow, ice and ancient Dwarfen halls to stop them before they get to the Dwarfs. Karak Azgaraz Features New Map: Khazid Kro - Journey through the … [Read more...]

New FREE DLC “Lorebook” Announced for PC!


As the pages of the story in Vermintide continue to turn, you too can now compile your very own tome of knowledge in our upcoming FREE DLC for PC: Lorebook!     Once released, hidden and strewn around the various missions of Vermintide and its DLCs, you will find unique Lorebook pages. By picking up a page of the Lorebook, you will slowly unlock the story … [Read more...]

Vermintide Comes to Console – October 4th


Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Coming to Console on October 4th 2016 The wait is almost over. The Heroes of Ubersreik are coming to Playstation 4™ and Xbox One this October. "More than half a million PC gamers have already taken Vermintide to their heart, and this fall it's time for console players to do the same" says Martin Wahlund, CEO at Fatshark, who continues "The … [Read more...]